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1. Street Closing STC-03-2022: Portion of South Bloodworth Street

2. Street Closing STC-04-2022: Flint Place Right-of-Way

3. Street Closing STC-06-2022: Portion of Peach Road

4. Rezoning Z-62-21: 1325, 1335, & 1341 Chester Road, located approximately 0.1 miles north of the intersection of Oberlin Road and Wade Avenue. (District D)

5. Rezoning Z-81-21: Rock Quarry Road and Wall Store Road, on the west side of the intersection of Rock Quarry Road and Whitfield Road. (District C)

6. Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-6-22: Camelot Village Avenue Extension (District C)

7. Rezoning Z-12-22: Dawson and Martin, at the southeast corner of the intersection (District D)

8. Rezoning Z-15-22: Washington Street, on the south side of Washington Street, adjacent to the railroad, approximately 550 feet east of Glenwood Avenue and Fred Fletcher Park (District D)

9. Rezoning Z-16-22: Boylan and Hillsborough, at the northwest corner of the intersection (District D)

10. Rezoning Z-17-22: Hillsborough and S. West Streets, being the block bounded by Hillsborough Street, S. Harrington Street, W. Morgan Street, and S. West Street (District D)

11. Rezoning Z-20-22: Pleasant Valley Road, approximately 800 feet east of the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Pleasant Valley Road (District E)

12. Rezoning Z-31-22: Harrington Street, on the west side of S. Harrington Street, mid-block between Cabarrus and Lenoir Streets (District D)

13. Rezoning Z-35-22: Crest Road, Varsity Drive, Collegeview Avenue, south of the intersection of Marcom Street and Varsity Drive (District D)

14. Rezoning Z-36-22: 1801 Lynn Road, at the southwest intersection of Lynn Road and Ben Bur Road (District A)

1. Adjourn Meeting

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The Raleigh City Council will meet for an evening session.