News of interest

ACTION ITEMS – What to look for in upcoming meetings – check the calendar, show up, speak up!

  • Council has a budget work session on Monday afternoon which includes looking at fees for water, solid waste services, and stormwater. On Tuesday they will hear a report on the feasibility study for the soccer and entertainment stadium.
  • ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) will be discussed at Tuesday’s Planning Commission Text Change Committee meeting. Advocates for ADUs by right anywhere plan to show up in force. If you favor a different approach, be sure to let Planning Commission and City Council members know.
  • The leaders of Raleigh’s CACs (Citizen Advisory Councils) will be meeting on Wednesday night to discuss how to move forward without City support.
  • Apply for Police Advisory Board

  • Apply for Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board

  • Apply for Citizen Study Group looking at Council Terms and Voter Engagement


  • Apply to serve on a City Board or Commission – current vacancies exist on Environmental Advisory Board and Human Relations Commission