INDY Week Readers Name Livable Raleigh

Best Local Activist Group 2021

Best Local Activist Group

Livable Raleigh

“At first glance, Livable Raleigh’s army of social justice warriors appears to be a bunch of families walking down a neighborhood street, kids on bikes, and parents pushing strollers. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find steely-eyed activism, with a splash of politics. The website is part local news banter, part neighborhood watchdog, and part primer for a Raleigh newbie learning the ropes of a new city. Co-founded by former city council member Stef Mendell, the group picks its battles—most recently with city officials for postponing local elections, citing census delays. The group called it a “slow-moving coup.” They’re family-friendly all right—just don’t spit on their sidewalk.” —GW


Livable Raleigh’s “sidewalk,” if you will, is community engagement, clean government, sustainability and equity.  Please don’t spit on it.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the event.

We pledge to continue bringing you the kind of local activism you appreciate.

Livable Raleigh was started in the fall of 2019. We’re a group of Raleigh residents who are very active in politics; especially local politics. You’ve heard the phrase, “think global, act local.” That’s a good description of how we think and take action. We believe in fact-based decision-making combined with active participation in local issues that affect how Raleigh citizens live, work and play.

The Livable Raleigh team is made up of engaged volunteers who love our city as you do and care about quality of life for every resident and all our communities. We work to honor citizen voices, establish good governance, and celebrate healthy, vibrant neighborhoods.

Our Policy Platform

Livable Raleigh is an ALL Volunteer organization.

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